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I had to recover most (if not all) of the pages following a malware attack. Well, this gave me the opportunity to start from scratch and build a better site.
In these pages, you can find many details about my passion: old (and not so old) calculators of many types. I have been growing up with the electronic revolution and always marvelled at the changes and ingenuity put into these little machines. Every day I discover a new one, and every day I add more details into my database.
Please browse these pages and send me any comment you want.

  Still in construction, some pages may be missing ...

If you don't know where to start, or if you simply want to see a random video about some curious calculators, simply click on the image below.

Of course, it' s more interesting to go to the specific page, but if you don't care about the technical details, just watch.

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